Crowns and Bridges

Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems, including affecting bite and speech patterns, making chewing difficult, and can increase the risk of gum disease. It can also greatly impact self-confidence. Dental crowns and bridges are two options available at Navesink Dental Care in Middletown to replace missing teeth.A dental crown works in a variety of ways. A crown strengthens a tooth, covers and protects a broken tooth, prevents teeth with large fillings from fracturing, and helps hold a dental bridge in place. A crown is a porcelain covering that is placed over the tooth surface, restoring strength and appearance. Crowns are needed in instances such as when a composite filling is not enough to give tooth proper structure, to fix fractures, or lend support for bridges. Crowns improve the appearance and structure of the tooth.

Crown&BridgeA dental bridge is also known as a fixed partial denture. This false tooth is set between two crowns, “bridging” the gap caused by one or more missing teeth. The false tooth is made of solid porcelain.

Three office visits are required if a dental bridge is required. At your first visit, Dr. Ruda or De. DeAngelis will carefully fit you for a temporary bridge while the permanent bridge is constructed. While you are waiting for your permanent bridge, you will need to be careful with the foods you eat.

At your second visit, our Middletown dentists will inspect the gums to ensure they are healthy enough for surgery. If needed, a root and scaling procedure, also known as a deep clean, may be required.

At the final visit, the bridge and crown will be cemented into place.

Patients can resume normal activities following the procedure. Some may experience minor discomfort or tooth sensitivity for several days following the procedure.

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