Osseous Surgery To Treat Advanced Gum Disease in Red Bank, NJ

OsseousSurgeryOsseous surgery is a type of treatment for periodontitis, or advanced gum disease. This surgical procedure reshapes the bone to remove holes caused by this type of gum disease. Osseous surgery is usually performed to treat bone loss around multiple teeth.If surgery is required, a patient will first need a deep clean, known as scaling and root planing. Once the area has healed from the procedure, the osseous surgery will be performed. At this time, the mouth will be numbed for the comfort of the patient. During the surgery, an incision is made in the gum tissue around the diseased area of the tooth. This allows our dentists to properly remove any buildup of plaque on the surface of the tooth.

Next the surface of the bone will be smoothed. Bacteria trapped in the pocket around the tooth will eat away at bone making it uneven and rough. In order to ensure proper healing, smoothing the bone of these rough surfaces is necessary.

After the root of tooth has been cleaned and the bone smoothed, the gum tissue is then trimmed to match the new underlying structure and stitched into place. The stitches are placed to hold the gum tissue in the correct position as it heals.

Following the surgery you may be prescribed a pain medication. If dissolving stitches are not used, the stitches will be removed 6-10 days following the procedure. A follow-up appointment will need to take place approximately one month following the surgery to ensure the mouth is healing properly. It is very important to follow the post-surgery care regime for the best results.

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