Maintain a Healthy Smile With Preventive Dentistry in Middletown, NJ

PreventiveDentistryPreventive dentistry is the best way to avoid painful, expensive dental procedures in the future. Scheduling regular dental exams and visiting Navesink Dental Care in Middletown, NJ every six months will help prevent serious issues such as cavities or periodontal disease. Dental checkups and oral cancer screenings can catch things you may have missed during your at-home care routine.If you have been putting off routine dental care and six-month cleanings due to dental fear or anxiety, Navesink Dental Care offers sedation dentistry. We offer three types of sedation dentistry to help you conquer your dental fears.

In addition to professional cleanings, at-home care is also very important. Brushing and flossing twice daily helps to prevent plaque build-up and keeps your gums healthy.

Checkups and cleanings cannot be substituted with at-home care, but together, the two will help ensure that your smile will stay healthy and will last a lifetime!

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